September Ends

So ended the season and an awesome adventure.

9 cool things about interior Alaska by author

Christmas in August

Christmas in August
















Old Mining Camp


We couldn’t cross the river to the old mining camp because the bridge apparently had fallen apart…


…so we had to get wet. This is a glacier fed river and my legs were blue by the time I made it across.


We found the old road and began hiking when…


…out of nowhere this car ran right into me. I was okay but the car didn’t fair so well.


Saw this guy today…


…couldn’t believe how close he/she let me get…


Parks Highway South (two way under re-construction) to Healy from south of Nenana, town of. Or, better put…somewhere between Nenana and Healy.

IMG_0835 IMG_0836 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0843 IMG_0845

Thanks Aunt Beulah I like that you like this blog.




Bad pic of a moose’s ass staring at me through my cabin window. She was eating Willow buds. One of them holy shit where’s my camera times.

IMG_0809 - Copy IMG_0809 IMG_0810 - Copy IMG_0811 - Copy IMG_0812 IMG_0813 IMG_0815



Such a wonderful world. How unfortunate we all have to leave it some day…

Mt. Healy healy 071

The trail to Mt. Healy via Bison Gulch rises rapidly in roughly 3.5 miles to approximately 5700 ft. Starting at 1200 ft, that’s about a 4500 vertical climb…and my legs felt it. (Hiking partner Garrett pictured) healy 083

We were up in the clouds, but that’s McKinley off in the distance. healy 059 healy 049 healy 045 healy 097 healy 048

Taking a break about halfway up healy 090

Summit at the second highest point of Mt. Healy. Lots of loose unstable rock makes it pretty sketchy… healy 067

But the views were… healy 109

Making our descent… healy 116

…we saw some Dall Sheep… healy 054

…and some flora making it’s spring debut. healy 051 healy 080 healy 108 healy 077 healy 088